Northern Arizona's

Kids shouldn't worry about food

However, 51% of our elementary and middle school students in Northern Arizona rely on free or reduced meal plans in order to get food at school - and about 1,500 of those students don't get to eat at home because their families cannot afford food.

Without adequate food, their bodies and minds aren't able to focus on their education. Their performance drops and acting out becomes more common.

When school ends so does their food

That's where we come in

Just by giving them the food they need, we can make a difference for these kids- our future. Now, on weekends and over holidays, the kids have food to eat until school is back in session. Once they come back to school, their bodies are fueled and ready to focus on learning ... and being kids.

Benefits of FNAZF

Every week

FNAZF volunteers gather food donated and purchased food from our sponsors and community members, bag it up and store it until we deliver it prior to each weekend and holiday.

Before school breaks

FNAZF volunteers deliver the bags to the schools to distribute them to the kids identified by their administrators as chronically hungry. We work to ensure each bag weighs as little as possible, so the kids can carry them home.

We need you!


We are always looking for people to help us pack up the bags of food, pick up donations from local businesses, and drop the bags of food off at the schools for distribution. We also have a booth at many local events to help spread awareness of the problem and our efforts, and so we need people to help us man the booth as well.

If any of this sounds like something you can do from time to time, please fill out a volunteer application so we can get in touch with you! Once you're registered, there's also a calendar of upcoming events you can sign up to help at.



If you've got a heart for our Northern Arizona kids and want to contribute financially to FNAZF, those contributions are used to purchase the food we provide the kids. We are a 501(c)(3) so your contributions are tax-deductible, and since we're a 100% volunteer organization, your contributions go right to food for the kids.

If this is how you're interested in supporting the kids of Northern Arizona, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! You can set up one-time or recurring contributions at the page below:


Feeding Northern Arizona's Future

is a volunteer-driven organization with 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Which means...we need you! Our board is made up of community members who have a heart for
the struggle of the kids who are having to worry about their next meals. We have observed that kids having proper nourishment seems to be viewed as a privilege,
rather than the right we believe it to be. But we also feel strongly in helping the families defend their dignity, so we work to make sure that the food
is provided to the kids discreetly.

These kids are the future - our future - in Northern Arizona. If food will brighten their stars, then we believe that we need to do everything we can to
ensure that they get that opportunity. Our mission is to provide food to all of the kids in Flagstaff, and eventually all of the
kids in Northern Arizona who suffer from hunger on the weekends.

Learn more about FNAZF and our board members on our About Us page

Our work, by the numbers:

To date, 17,809 food bags have been distributed
We are providing food to students through 18 schools
373 people are currently receiving food through FNAZF
We currently have 284 approved volunteers to help us out
It takes $200 per student to send a bag home each week throughout the school year.
On a normal week, 10 volunteers can pack all of the bags we will give out that week in about an hour.

We love our sponsors!

Please visit them and thank them for their support!

Christ's Church of Flagstaff
United Way of Northern Arizona
Bridge Church
Forest Country Anesthesia
Northern Arizona Gastroenterology